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ANVISA Registration

The National Health Surveillance Agency was established by Law 9.782, of January 26, 1999.

The Agency is an autonomous agency operating under a special regime with an institutional purpose to foster protection of the population's health by exercising sanitary control over production and marketing of products and services. 

What is ANVISA?


What is the process of obtaining ANVISA?

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The following are goods and products are subject to health control and enforcement: 


• Medical drugs for human use, their active substances and other related inputs, processes and technologies; 

• Foods, including drinks, bottled waters and their inputs, packaging, food or drink additives, levels of organic pollutants, residues of pesticides and veterinary drugs; 

• Cosmetics, personal hygiene products and perfumes; 

• Cleaning products for sanitization, disinfection or disinfestations in domestic, hospital and public premises; 

• Kits, reagents and inputs to be used for diagnosis; 

• Medical-hospital, dental, hemotherapic, and laboratory and imaging equipment and materials; 

• Immunobiologicals and their active substances, blood and blood products; 

• Organs, human and animal tissue for use in transplants or reconstructions; 

• Radioisotopes for in vivo diagnostic use, radiopharmaceuticals and radioactive products for use in diagnosis and therapy; 

• Cigarettes, cigarillos, cigars and any other type of smoking product, derived or not from tobacco; 

• Any products which involve the possibility of risk to health obtained as the result of genetic engineering, by any other procedure or submitted to sources of radiation. 

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